It is sixteen days since Diwali. And I am still feeling the after effects. My son is still sick with cold and cough from all that smoke.May of us suffer from the after effects because of asthma and allergies.Many of us suffer from the after effects because of asthma and allergies.

I as a child too enjoyed fireworks but as a grown up, seeing all the pollution, am completely against it. Also, the information about child labour in the firework industry has completely put me off fireworks.

I have to give in to my children though and give them the pleasure of fireworks, at least a tiny bit. But over the years I  hope they look at how much of air, noise, land and water (the chemicals from the fireworks tend to get into the local water bodies too) pollution it creates and keep away from it.

To add to this the safety factor comes into the picture as well. Every year there are so many that end up hurting themselves or others in some way or the other. Sometimes it is clothes, sometimes it is the roof of a hut, sometimes it is a person’s hand/leg, etc.

And think about all those babies, old people, sick people and animals that suffer twice as much because of the noise and pollution.

Why would anyone spend so much to harm themselves? I can understand children being fascinated by fireworks, but educated adults – I would hope that they understand and act accordingly. 

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