Travelling in Italy – Venice


It was Easter bank holiday and it was time to get out. With our friends here as well, we had another excuse to get out and see someplace nice. Though we had seen Venice before, exactly 9 years ago for Easter bank holiday, this time around it was different. The last time it was just the two of us and now it was with kids and friends.

When you travel alone or as a couple, the way you look at a place is so different from when you travel with children.


The kids wanted to take the fast train and were thrilled when we told them that we would be taking the Freccia Argento to Venice. The distance between Florence to Venice is 258 kms and it takes only two hours by the fast train. Train journeys are fun, we all love our train journeys. The pretty landscape and the tunnels are something that we look forward to.We took the bus from home to SMN and we took the 9:30 train from Firenze SMN and reached Venice by 11:30. We got our 12 hour boat pass and started our boat journey. The kids were already thrilled, within a span of three hours, they were trying out three different modes of transport.

Ven13 Ven11

Though there is so much to see in Venice, we had planned only a day trip and we wanted to cover as much as possible before taking the last train back to Florence.

Ven10 Ven9

Venice is a fish shaped group of 100 plus islands separated by canals and connected by bridges. The buses, ambulance, police transport, taxi are all boats. It is interesting to see boat parking in front of buildings. The gondolas are very unique to Venice. Gondolas though are not used for regular transportation and it is mainly used for tourist rides and are quite expensive. It is fun to watch the boats and gondolas travelling in and out of bridges which are not too high. Wonder how it will be in high tide or during rains.

Ven8 Ven7

We took a boat to San Marco on the long route. We passed the port and saw a huge cruise liner. Once we reached San Marco, we walked around the main road, enjoying the sights of the Palazzo Ducale, Bell tower, Clock tower, Basilica di San Marco, Bridge of Sighs and settled in Piazza San Marco to relax and enjoy feeding the birds and feed ourselves too.After which we walked around the roads inside along and across the canals which were connected by bridges. We then took the boat to Lido, though we did not get time to go to the beach in Lido, we had good fun watching boats go by and also cars and buses fly by in the small island!We missed going to Murano because we did not have the time.

Ven1 Ven2

We then took the boat from Lido to Rialto where we took photographs from Rialto Bridge and did a bit of window shopping in Rialto Market.It was nearly time to head back so we too the next boat back to the station and managed to grab something to eat and get on the train back to Florence. It was a well spent few hours, where the kids and the adults enjoyed equally and all of us want to go back there sometime soon.

Ven4 Ven5

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