Travelling in Italy – Viareggio

Viareggio is about 80kms as the crow flies but driving or taking the train means travelling 100 kms. We too the train toViareggio on the Florence – Viareggio route. This was an entirely new route. It was nice to see the hills (Alps) and the roads and bridges on them. Every now and then we would spot a small hill with a whole lot of buildings and houses and a bell tower on it.

The hour and a half journey to Viareggio flew past. We were so busy talking about different things. Fun to travel with kids! When we got down we crossed the road and took the road to the beach. 

We were admiring the buildings and the way balconies were jutting out from the buildings. I’ve heard that Bologna has similar kind of buildings.

The city was very quiet, not too many people on the roads. The city looked like a well planned city, roads running parallel and perpendicular, but  the roads were narrow though. The houses were lovely and this being summer, the flowers were in full bloom, even the normal bougainvillea and oleander (arali poo) looked so beautiful.

We found the Gelato festival right by the beach, and we decided to go to the beach first. The kids ran to the cold waters of Tyrrhenian sea. This was another beach like Rimmini which was all privatised. Too crowded for my taste but for nearly the next hour we didn’t have a mind to get out of water. We made a deal that the kids would finish their rolls if they were allowed to play longer. They had their lunch and continued to play in the water and make sand castles. 


While all this was going on, I was enjoying the views, the beautiful sea, the sail boats far far away, people in their swimming clothes playing in the beach, some sun bathing, some in the water, some chatting away while keeping an eye on their kids. The weather was so nice and pleasant that most people decided to give the ice cream festival a miss and get into the waters. This beach unlike Rimini had waves but it wasn’t deep, so many people were out into the sea, the bay watchers had a tough time asking people not to go very far. On the other side, was the Apuanian Alps. Such a beautiful place, it looked like a sleepy little town on a Saturday afternoon, flanked by beautiful beach on one side and the mountains on the other.

At this stage I had to drag them out as I realised that they were getting tired of the heat and dehydrated too. So we went back to the gelato festival and bought vouchers for 6 ice creams. There were two flavours that had no dairy in it – Mango sorbet and Almond, cinnamon and orange. Ordered one of each and Anoushka decided she didn’t like her Almond ice cream so I ate it and ordered another Mango for her. It was a pleasure to see Abhi enjoying his ice cream.


I had an ice cream cocktail which had dairy in it. We got an extra voucher for licorice ice cream, which we gave it to another girl that was hanging around without buying any ice cream.

We then headed off to the ice cream making demo. The melon ice cream (without dairy) was in the ice cream machine. While that was getting ready I got a banana ice cream with milk in it. When that was ready, we had a couple of cups each and then sat through the demo of the next one which was mint and chocolate and because it had milk we decided to skip tasting it.

We still had three more vouchers to use but we were feeling so full that we decided to give those vouchers away to people standing around.

It was such a wonderful day but we were starting to feel tired from all the heat. We decided to walk back to the train station and take the train back home.

We took the 17:33 which was on the Pisa route. We have been travelling on this route for a few months now and we could see the difference each time we pass by. This time the area was covered with sunflower plants everywhere.The train was full and we were tired and couldn’t wait to reach home. We reached home around seven and it was time to have dinner and go to sleep and dream about some new place and something new to do! 🙂

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