Travelling in Europe – Brussels / Belgium – Day 2

The plan to start nice and early today did not work as expected.  We were very tired and we all overslept. Breakfast wasn’t what we expected it to be… a full English breakfast without hashbrowns, suasages, baked beans? And by the time we left it was already late. The only hot food was scrambled eggs and bacon, both of which I do not eat!

Our first stop was Jubel park. Our plan was to walk around the park and then get into Autoworld.  Autoworld was heaven for me. It was lovely to see cars dating back to more than a hundred years old. All of us enjoyed it and when we got out, I walked into the royal museum of arts and history. It was a wonderful museum for someone who would love history. My favourite section was the aviation. Loved the planes and choppers there. When I came back and told the kids they wanted to go in  It was my turn to wait outside.

DSC_0121 DSC00154

When they finally came out, it was time to go to the Atomium.  We changed a couple of trams and trains and reached the Atomium. We thought we would finish the planetarium first but because we couldn’t find where it was we ended up getting into the Atomium. The next hour was fun taking the escalator, elevator and steps to traverse the open parts of the atomium. We tried barging into the posh restaurant on the top atom, But of course they decided not to let us in or feed us….


Surprise, Surprise…. they did not have fries… and when we asked them what they could serve without dairy they said the only thing they can think of was chicken and salad and roast potatoes. When we ordered a plate of that for Abhi, they decided that they would serve all four of us or none at all! So we had to walk out of that place.

It is a pity that for such a tourist spot there were only a couple of roadside eateries – one selling hot dogs and another selling waffles and nothing else available there.


We walked to the Planetarium from there. We were hoping to find some kind of food there but unfortunately there was only a vending machine there, We got a couple of drinks from the vending machine and we sat down to watch the last show about “The secret lives of stars” Thoroughly enjoyed the show.
From there we walked back to the metro station and on the way we picked up some food and headed back to the hotel.

A bit of respite from all the walking… had some food, freshened up and we were back again walking and taking the trains, yet again to find the Manekkan Pis. This time we were sure of where we were going and found him, in a busy corner of the street, not minding anyone, he was busy doing what he normally does – pissing!

DSC_0139 DSC_0150
We took a few photos, walked around, for some time, spent sometime in Grote Market area, went into starbucks for my hot chocolate with soya milk – a luxury treat for me, bought some dark chocolates the kids could eat and headed back!

DSC_0144 DSC_0142 DSC_0166

The minute we hit bed we were all gone!

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