Travelling in Europe – Brussels / Belgium – Day 4

Our four day holiday (we got only two full days) came to an end today! Everything went well, except for the odd problem here and there. Of course, any trip would have that!

We had to get ready early, rush through breakfast and get on the bus to reach the airport on time.

As we walked out of the hotel towards the station, we noticed that the junction from the hotel to the station had temporary shops set up, not one or two, but it felt like there were tens of them. I could see everything being sold there, from olives of all kinds to clothes to leather bags to mixies and kettles. Wow, Sunday market! But unfortunately we had no time to stop and explore the wares.

We reached the airport quite early, so we wandered about, let the kids play and sat watched planes land and take off!


I slept on the bus, so it was Prakash’s turn to sleep on the plane! The aircraft was full and so we couldn’t even manage to find comfortable seats for the four of us. Kids munched on food and I was trying to keep them entertained for the 80 minute flight.


Reached Pisa ahead of time and we were glad to take the bus home. I nearly slept all the way through!

It is good to come home after a holiday to our own bed 🙂 We went to bed really really early….

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