The unwanted girl child


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It was her 50th birthday and she was sitting alone at home. Not a soul to wish her, not a soul to worry about her.


What is her name? you ask… well does it even make a difference what her name is? It didn’t make a difference to her parents, or her so-called friends or family! Well, to make things easier let us call her Sita!


Sita was always “the unwanted child”. As the first child in the family, she should have been welcomed with open arms, but because she was born a girl, nobody wanted her, not her father, not her grandparents, not even her mother.  What could she have done?


She grew up feeling dejected. At four her mother would tell her to go and die. Sita would wonder later on in life as to what mistake could a four year old child have done for her own mother to say that.


Somehow she was good in studies and so she pulled through school and college. She was thankful to her parents for at least giving her education. That was the only good thing they did. Actually that was the best thing they have done.


Once her education was finished, she found a job and moved out on her own. Nobody stopped her from doing it. They were  hoping she would find a man by herself, get married by herself and settle down. At least that would save them some money on wedding expenses and dowry.


When she stepped out of home was when she got to see the outside world. Till then all she had time for was studies and do all the work at home. She was not let out for anything else and she studied in a girls only school and college. She knew nothing about the outside world.


Somehow she had gotten a beautiful and smiling face. She would smile through all her problems. That made her famous at work. Her patience was amazing as well, afterall she had a very rough childhood and she had learnt to be patient and go through everything.


While she thought it was a great virtue to have, she did not realise she was being used as a door mat many times and thrown away when the work was finished.


For what she was, a beautiful lady, with so much patience who would have been a wonderful  mother, brainy and had a good job and was earning well, she should have gotten some nice man who would accept her for what she was.


But somehow she seemed to attract all the wrong people. People who would pretend to shower her with love and then use her and let go of her when they were finished with her. Being the love starved girl that she was, she would fall for anyone that showed that they cared for her even the slightest bit. Only to realise after a few months that it was another case of use and dump again!


Her family shunned her. They said she was no good. What they didn’t realise was that she was the person she was because she never felt loved as a child. It was their own fault but they refused to see that.


Today, she sits alone and wonders what went wrong. She was like all other girls, hoping to have a loving husband, cheerful children and a wonderful family. She always wanted to have two girls and adopt two more girls and bring them all up with plenty of love and affection. She never could do that.


She felt miserable for what she has gone through but she now feels that she did the right thing by not having children. If she had daughters and if they were treated by the world in a cruel way, in the way that she was treated, it would have killed her!
Life moves on. Our kaliyug ka Sita may not be the Sita of Ramayan but she is equally good in fighting the society in her own ways and surviving in this big bad world.

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