Who is right and who is wrong?


A while ago I overheard a conversation… Two people that I know more than a decade were talking. I know that they both are kind of fixated people with their own ideas and find others that don’t follow what they do or think as funny and strange…

That is fine with me… that is what they are and I have accepted them for that and I move on.  OK here is the conversation…

Person 1: “I tell people straight on their face when I see something wrong. You know people should know. ”

Person 2: “hmmmm you are right”

Person 1: “You know loads of people do not like it but I still say… I think it is my duty to tell them when they are wrong”

Person 2: “That is right”


And the conversation continued.. I moved away from there to a distance where I couldn’t hear the conversation anymore because I started laughing at their idea… What else can I say? Who are these people to decide who is right and who is wrong? And when did criticism help in improving anyone’s life? Many times these are people who don’t know the background end up making some ridiculous comments…that I feel like throwing a big rock on their head … but then let go… they are humans after all and I make those mistakes too may be at some level.

But still to think that they are right all the time and everyone else is wrong and that there is only one right way and what they have is common sense and everyone else is dumb… well what can I say!

Then I wonder, if they think it is their birthright to correct everyone and do good to everyone, why are they not on the streets helping all the people that are suffering. That in my common sense is the right thing to do. Why are they running away from the actual people needing help? Let them go to the hospital and help out to the people waiting outside, worrying about the family inside… there are a million different ways to help rather than just keep criticising and hurting people….

I as usual decide to move on. They are what they are and it is my choice to walk away from them, so no complaints!

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