Mr. Nosey


A couple of Mr.Nosey situations yesterday. I know it was on a social network site and I shouldn’t complain. But then it wasn’t meant for these people and why get nosey?

The first situation, I had posted a link on my husband’s wall with a note asking him if it reminded him of something. If he saw the video on the link he would have known exactly what I was talking about, my son and daughter would have known too. I could have showed it to him on  my laptop, but knowing my memory and how busy he was, and he always asks me to send him a link anyway, I posted the link as I was on Facebook at that time.

I get a comment a few hours later, from someone in his family saying it didn’t remind him of anything… well that was what was expected…. how  would he know what I was talking about if this link wasn’t meant for him in the first place? I wanted to politely put it across that it was not posted on my wall for everyone, it was posted on someone’s wall specifically and tagging them specifically  because it was meant for that person alone. I ended up explaining the story with a picture to show what I was talking about and putting a smiley in the end to make it look polite.

The second incident was much more interesting or bizzare. A non-Indian friend of mine had posted a cartoon on my wall, of course, she knew I would enjoy it so she had done it. It was of lord Nataraja and a woman with two kids with a comment saying “She must be the lord of multi tasking or something”… I laughed at it, mentioned that it was a he and not she and it was done! Another person came up with a comment that may be the lord was talking about the mother… I went back and said good point of view and left it at that, because I knew that was an interesting thought even though it wasn’t what I thought was said! A third person comes and comments saying that it is insulting. For a start, it wasn’t put on her wall or she wasn’t tagged on it. What was the necessity to come and feel insulted. She has every right to ignore it if she doesn’t like it.

I wonder how to tell these people to stop being nosey and feel all these things which were never meant for them in the first place! As I said, I know it is on a public forum, but the best effort has been made to post it to one person’s wall knowing they will know or take it in the right sense and that it was meant for them. I only guess all these Noseys have plenty of time to spare that they want to know what is happening in everybody’s life! Good luck Noseys!

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