God and the insult!


A friend posted the above image on my wall in facebook, knowing fairly well that I am not religious,I would  take it in the right sense and have the sense of humour to laugh at something like this. The friend is not a Hindu, well, not even an Indian. She probably posted because she has seen a Natraja statue in my house and she could just relate to it.

My comment of course was “lol… and btw Natraja is a he not a she”

A few hours later… up pops a comment from another friend…this time an Indian Hindu friend “Completely disagree… I don’t think this is right, you are insulting a god even without knowing who he is. Just can’t pick a picture randomly and post it…”

I just sat there, read it and went… well it is not posted on her wall, why is she so offended. I could see it from her point of view… she is a dancer and Natraja is of course very very important for her and she couldn’t take it. But a few other thoughts came to my mind too.

  • Is God this narrow minded politician that can’t laugh at himself?
  • Why would he consider this as an insult?
  • Why are making ourselves guardians of this “God” and feeling that he has been insulted?
  • If there is a God, is he not like a mother who loves you whatever way you are? So this should not affect anything right? He/She shouldn’t consider this as an insult, right?
  • Does God have time to go, “oh you there…. you made a cartoon of me, I feel insulted now.”?
  • The friend who posted the picture, I know, will not feel offended by any Christian cartoons that I post.
  • I feel we are taking life too seriously. There is so much more in life than a single cartoon to be offended by. If you really want to be offended, look at everything else that is wrong around you… the people on the streets without basic necessities, look at the politicians who are misusing our money and their power, look at children being sexually  abused, look at children not getting education – please feel free to be offended at all this and take appropriate action.
  • I know we talk about extremists, I feel people like this are also extremists to some extent. She  might not agree with me, but that is my opinion and she has every right to disagree.

Hey, life is short. Let us live and let live peacefully. No offense. Laugh at all these things and move on.

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