Do I look stupid?

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A few incidents in the past few weeks… and these are only related to the financial side… A week and a half ago, we went out to a favourite tourist spot in Florence with our German friend who was visiting us. Normally I would have packed lunch for the kids, but I was a bit tired and lazy and thought would buy food for the kids outside. Not a bother of course!

Found a Bangaladeshi guy selling hot dogs and stuff. That shop has always been there. Went there and ordered a couple of hot dogs and a bottle of orange juice for the kids, calculated the amount and paid him while he was still getting the hot dog ready. He gave me one hot dog and the orange juice and went off to do other things. I was still waiting for the second one. When I asked him he said you ordered only one hot dog and I asked him “Why did I pay for two hot dogs then?” He then went on to say sorry and made the second hot dog! Surely that couldn’t have been a mistake…. He took the money from me, so he knows he has to give me two hot dogs and not just one! Well he thought a lady with two young kids is easy to distract I suppose!

Then came one of the two incidents yesterday. I walked into this shop yesterday, the place where I buy all my alternative food stuff. I went in bought a six pack of Oat milk and two packs of blueberry rolls, totalling to about 16 Euros! I had the correct amount in my hand and when the bill came it was for 26 Euros something . I was sure it couldn’t be that much. I got the bill and checked and there it was, some item … the first one in the bill was something that I hadn’t bought at all in the first place and it was for a whopping 11:00 Euros. When I questioned the lady at the till, she paid me the remaining amount without any questions or cancelling the bill! Wait a minute… there must be something wrong there…. How come the minute I asked her, she didn’t have to check anything but just give me the difference and say sorry and walk away?

The third incidence was my payment for some work I had done.  Not going to elaborate, but I can just tell inspite of all the discussion some bit of it was left out and I had to go back and ask for clarification before it was sorted out!

This is only in the past week and a half, it happens all the time to me and many times people who are very close to me do it too.. I know I don’t fight or ask questions and keep smiling all the time. I don’t question anything and I think that makes people think I am dumb and stupid and they can get away with anything and everything! All I want to say is that, I know what is going on, but just because I don’t say anything doesn’t mean I am dumb and believe me, I don’t forget it easily and I keep linking everything and I slowly start losing trust and respect on you!


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