Losing a friendship?


Status update from a friend…

“One of the worst parts of not being friends with someone is , you can’t talk to them anymore. You used to tell them everything , but now you can’t. Like the little things that happen to you, or something that reminds you of them”…. Quoted by a teenager…

With my thoughts about a particular friend these days, this seem to fit in so perfectly.

I am a chatterbox and I make friends easily! At least that is what everyone thinks. Ask my mother and she will tell you how I have friends of all ages and from all different countries. The fact though is I have very little “close” friends and I generally never fight with any friend that easily. That is, I do not take the first step to chop off a relationship! Yes, over the years I’ve lost touch with many people, but not intentionally.  I’ve even looked for some of them in Facebook and other social media, while I’ve been successful in finding some, others I’ve lost them forever…

My friends from childhood, from the time I was five are still friends with me thirty five years later. May be they do not know everything about me. But they have been to my family weddings and me to theirs. Or these would be friends whose homes I could walk in any time of the day. I know the families of these friends and they know mine. We meet may be once in two years and we talk about once or twice a year – on birthdays and anniversaries, but that hasn’t stopped us from being friends. Even today I know we can meet up and start right from where we left the last time.

But this particular friend, probably one of the very few friends that I shared many of my little secrets with, some one I really really trusted, keeps going on and off! Sometimes it is like she is the best friend ever and sometimes it is like she doesn’t recognise me at all. I’ve thought and thought so much about it. Now I only feel that I should step back. I made the wrong choice. May be I didn’t know her enough in the first place and spent my time with her sharing my stories thinking she would be one of my true best friends that will stay with me forever.

For me, it is not easy loving someone and then walking away as though nothing has happened! Even if my friend did what I think something really really wrong, I would stand by her side and try and find out what made her do it and gently nudge her to think and act differently but not let her go. In fact may be in a situation like that she needs my support more than ever would be my thought. But people think differently. I am not even sure what went wrong here, but something has triggered it off.

All I want to tell her is that life is too short, I cannot be handling this up and down, on and off anymore. If she wants to let me go, that is fine. But I am always there to listen and support her when she wants me.

Good luck and Good bye

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