Conversations and consequences!



Person 1: You told me you will help me in recording this video right?

Person 2: Yes, tell me, what you want me to do?

Person 1: Come here, let me show you. This is exactly how much of the frame I want you to cover, now I am putting the camera in the other mode (change from front facing camera to rear facing camera) and I want you to record it for me.

Person 2: OK (takes the phone and stands there struggling with it)

Person 1: What are you struggling with? Do you really want to do it or not? If you don’t want to help me, just say so! I seriously don’t know if you are really this bad or if you are pretending! Don’t change anything. Is it that tough for you to understand? Why are you like this? I want only so much to be covered in the video, I clearly showed you how much.

Person 2: (With a completely defeated look in the face.) You know when the camera is front facing the set up is different, it kind of zooms in and when it is the rear-facing mode, it is not like that, if you come here and see you will know what I mean.

Person 1: (Comes, checks and realises what person 2 says is correct. But not a word of apology for what was said.) OK.. let me see what I can do (and walks away)

Sometimes I wonder how people can be so rude like this. These are people who think that they know everything, and when they are proved wrong, they do not even want to accept it or apologise for what they have said. Do they ever realise the consequence of what they said? From what I can see, only people with an inferiority complex will want to hurt others and bring them down so as to feel superior.

Do any one of you out there even think that person 2 would want to help person 1 ever again in anything?

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