I want to fly, like a butterfly!


I was standing and looking out of the kitchen window while I was waiting for the water to boil and I saw a plane getting ready for take off. Like always, I felt a sudden urge to be on that plane and to fly somewhere far, far away. Somehow every time I look up at the sky and see a plane I feel this urge.

Today I wanted to get on that plane and go find a friend to talk to. Someone that I can share my thoughts with, talk about books, music, movies, food and go for a long drive with. Maybe in this internet world I need not get on a plane, just sending an email or chatting should do, but that is no replacement to being present physically and watching their face, their expressions and being able to listen to their voice, hear them laugh at my silly jokes and much more…

The boiling water brings me back to this world. I pour the water into a mug and settle on the couch. My mind races back to the time when I was based in the hangars in Dublin. I used to spend a lot of time at the airport. There are days when I would walk into the hangar, see a plane that I like and walk into the plane. Somehow I just wouldn’t want to get out of that plane, hoping that it would take me somewhere new, somewhere nice, to meet unknown people, maybe to find a friend in a completely strange land.

Many days I’ve spent hours at the airport, watching planes take off, wondering where they were going, wondering if there was someone on the plane who felt the way I did, who was going some place new, some place nice. Every time I did that I would walk back feeling a pain somewhere – a pain because I had nowhere to go to.

Today, years later, I think I will grow wings soon. When the time is right, I will fly away, just like a little butterfly.. Till then, this is life and I need to accept that and move on.

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