Four days of Easter holidays! Day two – Cascine – complete washout!

The kids were up early today, all super excited and all I wanted was to do was to sleep! Finally gave in and woke up before eight. All of us were up and we started getting ready, but slowly as I didn’t have the mood or energy… reason, the weather outside was gloomy!

The weather report I get on my phone said “Cloudy and colder”. When I put out clothes for the kids last night, I did put full sleeve T-shirts and trousers out for them to wear today. I had just washed all the thick jackets and packed them up inside thinking we won’t need it…. I was even thinking of getting out today. I should have…

Today’s program was go to Cascine. Cascine is a that is in Florence by the river Arno which covers nearly 400 acres of land. Cascine is one of our favourite parks and one of the places we love to go regularly. Cascine is also a host to a lot of festivals and today it was supposed to be where the Games of Carnasciale was supposed to be held.

Everyone got ready and we took our usual 23 to the fourth stop from home to get another bus to Cascine.  While we were waiting for the bus, the first drop of rain fell on me. We were not sure what we would do. We thought that it was still worth a try to go to Cascine and have fun. So we got on the bus and off we went!

By the time, we reached Cascine, the intensity of rain had increased. It still wasn’t heavy enough for us to find shelter, but it was not just a drop here and a drop there! None of us were wearing thick jackets, so we were hoping that the rain would go away. This was around 12ish in the afternoon!

A pony that attracted our attention in Cascine

A pony that attracted our attention in Cascine

The kids had brought their scooter and was busy riding their scooter and having fun. I started walking. I love walking in the rain. I remembered that only yesterday I was complaining to my mother how the rain hadn’t visited in a while and there it was today! Because it hadn’t rained in a while, I could smell the earth when the first drops hit the ground. A smell that I love and that brings back loads of lovely memories!

Abhi on the scooter

Abhi on the scooter

Anou on the scooter

Anou on the scooter

We started walking in the direction of where the games were supposed to be held. The intensity of the rain was slowly increasing and Prakash was not happy with us walking around getting wet. So we got dragged to a shelter. Some kind of building with plenty of space in the front which was sheltered. The kids started having fun riding their scooter there for a while. When they realised that the rain wasn’t going to stop, they decided to put their picnic blanket right there and settle down!

Very gloomy and rainy Cascine

Very gloomy and rainy Cascine

Love the die-hard spirit of the kids! They all sat down and had some snacks and started playing games…I was walking up and down enjoying watching the rain, hearing the raindrops, smiling, waving and wishing the people that crossed us, listening to Ilayaraja on my phone… it was beautiful. A hammock and a book with a mug of hot chocolate would have been lovely!

At one stage, I was leaning on one of the huge pillars and watching the water rushing out of the spout wondering if Mr.Incy Wincy had climbed up the spout earlier on!

It took us a while to accept the fact that the rain wasn’t going to stop so we ran back to the bus stop and took the bus back home. I had to make hot onion pakoras to keep everyone happy. We never got to see the games but still we had fun in our own way!

Onion pakodas

Onion pakoras

As of now, at 1:00 am. the rain still hasn’t stopped, which might spoil our plans for tomorrow, but tomorrow is another day and we will think about it when we wake up!

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