Little memories…


It is Saturday and that means I have to go out shopping, vegetable shopping, grocery shopping, shopping for little tit bits, etc. Well, they are always my special time. I put the headphones on when I leave home and only take it when reach home again. All the shopping, bargaining, everything is done with the headphones on. Music means so much to me!

I don’t know about others, but I associate a lot of things to music. A random song played somewhere could easily change my mood as that could bring back a whole load of memories, good or bad! Generally good though! Today was one such day.

As usual switched on the walkman on the phone, it was on shuffle and a random song popped up. I don’t how long it is since I last heard that song, but the song took me back to late eighties in Mavadi. Somehow got reminded of my holidays there. Days of playing “seven stones”, getting hit on the forehead by stone, bleeding, crying and then laughing, days of giggles, learning to ride the cycle, falling down, hurting the knee and crying again. Jumping over the wall to the next street to buy “kuchchi ice” (ice lolly) quietly and finish eating it there and sneak back in as though nothing happened. Carefree days when we didn’t have to answer anyone but yet felt answerable to every single person on the road. We would have to do our chores before getting to relax, days when asking for books to read was a sin, playing cards a bigger sin, playing with members of the opposite sex (read cousins) on the road was the biggest sin. Yet we managed to do it all.

Our best buddies then were our distant cousins who lived opposite to us. The three of them, two boys and a girl were people that we could relate to somehow. They were like kids our age, fun loving, always playing and having a whale of a time in general. We were all in our teens and at that age anything goes!

We would be on the streets in the evening with my grandma shouting at us… Those were our Ernakulam days and nearly any kind of holiday was spent there. Somehow have a love-hate relationship with this place…. To think of it now, all these best buddies are gone, I don’t even know where they are, it is so long since I ‘ve seen or heard of any of them. Not even sure if they will remember me and the good old days, but my  memories linger on… C’est la vie…

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