The Rains


I have been lazing around all day. I have so much to do and yet I cannot get myself to get up and finish all my work. I blamed the weather, blamed my disturbed sleep, blamed my tiredness and blamed everything else, but did not budge. Of course the basic work got done, everyone bathed, fed and watered, the beds got made and the basic cleaning got done, but that is not enough!

I was lazing around in the couch wondering if I should fall asleep yet again or get up and do my work when I looked out of the window and I noticed dark clouds, ready to rain. This rain has been threatening for the last couple of days, nothing much so I was wondering if it would rain at all today. It sure did look mean, so maybe, just maybe it would start raining…

The rain cools my body and soul. I would love to sit and watch the rain any day for hours together.  Today though I wanted to get out and get wet in the rain, do a little bit of rain dance.  Just as I was contemplating getting out, my excuse for the day was that I had to pay for the swimming lessons starting on Tuesday, I could hear thunder and see lightning and the rains started. As usual, not too heavy, but just enough to get me wet.

Ran to the balcony stood out for some time and felt the chillness in the wind and I let the raindrops fall on my hands. I wanted to get out, walk on the streets, but I know for sure I will not be allowed. What can I do? I set myself comfortably on the couch with a cup of green tea and decided to watch the rains as it hit the window panes. Started listening to music and my children came and cuddled up with me. What a warm and wonderful feeling.

The Rains never fail to amaze me and give me such a wonderful feeling always.

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