Airports and train stations are places that I love. I always feel you can see a lot of love and affection at these places than any other place on earth. The hugs, kisses, tears say much more than a few words can say. Many a times I would sit at the terminal building and watch people leave and people come to see them off. There were days when I wished that I could leave to somewhere, just so that I could feel all that love those people felt.

Today’s trip to the airport was no different. It was just that I was at the arrivals and not departures. I was alone, just the way I always like to be at these places. I wouldn’t want to be distracted or talking to anyone. I like to be left alone and like to just soak in everything around me.

I was watching people walk out, with searching eyes, looking for friends and family and the beautiful sight of those eyes lighting up when they saw the person they were looking for, the hurry in their walk to reach that person extra quick, as though every second mattered and the tight hug and a kiss, the holding of the hand, taking some of the bags from the person or help pushing the trolley as they walked away chatting. It didn’t matter what the relationship was, the reactions were almost similar. Sometimes the person coming to receive someone had flowers and many times not.

Then there were people traveling on business, you can see some of them with a curious look on their face not knowing what to expect, and others who walked with a confidence that told you that this was not their first trip to this place. There were people who looked tired after hours of traveling and some so fresh in spite of all the traveling they had done.

Today’s special were two different incidents. A mother of three children, twin girls Maya and Sofia (the names that were on their bags) and another little child walked out with a trolley full of bags, the two girls were walking, dragging their own little strolleys and the mother was wearing the third little baby. Judging from their bags and appearance, it appeared that they had travelled quite a distance. I could see the girls happily babbling away and then all of a sudden just as they were close to the entrance, they saw their family and dropped the bags, still inside the doors and just ran to hug their family. It was such a beautiful sight. Only then did I notice that there were about ten people from a family gathered around and the girls were being lifted, hugged and kissed and given all the love and attention they needed and deserved. The poor mother had to now take their bags and dump them on her overfilled trolley and come out. No sooner had she stepped out, her huge family hugged her one at a time and everyone was talking at the same time. There was so much love. They did not move out of that place for the next fifteen minutes. I was standing there and watching them with envy. The tiredness on the mother’s face had just vanished, she was too happy to be there with the family. The girls too, I could see, were too happy to be there.

The second one was nearly completely the opposite! There was this man, standing there with a pickup card, waiting for someone to arrive. The only funny bit was that the name on the card read “Headache”! Couldn’t stop giggling. I went and asked him if I could take a photograph of him and he refused! He was too serious to be playing a prank on someone. I did manage to sneak in a photo of him though! Couldn’t wait long enough to see who he was there to receive! The general opinion though was that it could be his wife! Of course, someone made a wonderful comment saying, “if he was waiting for a headache, then is he Asprin?”


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