Travelling in Europe – Day one in Paris!

Visiting Paris for the third time! I know places change so much in a year, and the last time I visited Paris it was seven years ago and Abhi was only a baby, just six weeks old! And the one before that was fifteen years ago! This time I hope it is much more fun the last two times.

The first ever time in my life,  home to the airport in five minutes, walked in to the gate in another five minutes and boarded in another five. Great start to our journey.

Bright and shiny morning at the airport in Florence

Bright and shiny morning at the airport in Florence

All was well till take off and then the ‘seat belt on’  sign didn’t go off for ages because there was so much turbulence. Then came the food. I was the only one that could eat the chicken sandwiches that were given out as the rest had one or the other reason not to eat it. Landing was really turbulent again and Anou started crying till she got off the plane.

Landed in Paris

Landed in Paris

Once we got off,  the rest of them ate their homemade lunch and then we got the trains to go to the hotel. We got the five-day train pass and we knew even though we stayed only for four full days, we would make proper use of those passes for sure! Kids were already tired and didn’t want to go anywhere and we had to drag them out. We ended up going to Arc De Triumph and Champs Elysees. We walked from this end to the other end and taking pictures along the way. At a certain stage were all so tired that we had to find our way back.

DSC00669 DSC00677


We could not find the food everyone wanted and ended up munching on few different things. Silly me gave Abhi a breakfast bar without checking, and as a result, the poor child ended up having an allergy. What a day.

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