Travelling in Europe – Day two in Paris!

Day two…

We took it easy and let everyone have a lie in. After breakfast, we left around ninish to go around Paris. We took the train towards Eiffel tower. The next few hours were spent on walking around the tower and taking pictures in different angles.


Eiffel Tower

Anyone that wanted to go up the tower took the lift to top floor. More pictures were taken. The queues to the escalator were huge, but the queues to the toilets were bigger and yet the toilets were clean. I think it took nearly an hour in the queues to get to the ticket counter and onto the escalator. Finally, the tour of Eiffel tower finished at two. If the kids weren’t there I would have suggested a night trip too, but of course, that wasn’t meant to be!

We then took the train towards Notre Dame. It was very crowded and the queues were huge here too.I remember in my first trip I went in and climbed all the way to the bell tower and  I even have a photo of myself with the bell! Got a few falafel and came back and headed towards Pompidou centre. I totally skipped going inside this time around and went off to find some food instead. In between we found a park at chatelet and settled down there for a bit of a break. After about half an hour, we started walking again to Pompidou…

Pompidou Centre

Pompidou Centre

At a park in Chatelet

At a park in Chatelet

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Pompidou was fun at first as the kids got their caricature drawn. Then their hunger and tiredness took over. Anou fell and hurt her ear in the book shop. Abhi started fighting at this stage. From there we were back on the metro… This time to all the Indian shop area around Gare Du Nord. Had dinner, did a bit of food shopping and headed back to the hotel…

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