Travelling in Europe – Day four in Paris

The last day in Paris, we head back home tonight.

There was so much to see and we did our best that we could with the children being tired and in between all our (mis) adventures!

We decided to head towards Louvre today! I’ve been there done that… seen Mona Lisa I mean. That was 15 years ago. I didn’t think she would have changed her smile in the mean time so I wasn’t planning on going inside, plus going inside would mean I spend the entire day walking from one exhibit to another enjoying it. The kids missed Dinsey and they wanted to do something else. So we had promised something nice for them for the afternoon which meant Louvre can be seen only from outside!






We walked around the outside of Louvre and it reminded me of “Da Vinci Code”. Remind to self – I should come back to Paris another time just to enjoy Louvre! It was a lovely sunny day and after a bit of hanging out in the sun it was time to move on.

We headed to Jardin d’ Acclimatation. We got vouchers to get on rides and the rest of the day was spent on every single ride that caught our fancy. The kids had a lovely time too! OK, it was meant for the kids but the adults had our fair share of fun. Should have done this the very first day and things would have been better!

DSC_0035_3 DSC_0036_2

Anyway, we had to stop to grab something to eat! Way too expensive but we had to eat anyway! We ate and then headed back to get the luggage from the hotel and off to the airport! Reached the airport just in time to walk through security and get straight on the plane as they were boarding already!

The trip back to Florence was uneventful. Of course, none of them liked the cheese sandwich that was given to them on the plane! I was the only one that ate it! Looks like we have a major problem with food wherever we go! Sigh!

We landed in Florence and waited more than half an hour for the “one baggage” that was checked in to arrive. The stroller arrived nearly half an hour later and we went out to find that the taxi queues were way too long, it took us another half an hour! Ah! Fun! And then we reached home only to discover that the house keys were missing. At that stage, I was ready to sleep on the floor outside the building. But, of course, that wasn’t allowed! So finally asked around and found a neighbour who had keys and managed to get into the house after another half an hour!

I wasn’t ready to go anywhere for another year after this trip, but next week we are off again… see you soon!

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