Travelling in Europe – Swiss Day 1


Morning flights are a blessing in one way and a curse in another.  I can write a complete essay on this topic! At least the flight wasn’t a red eye.

The flight was delayed by more than half an hour. Thankfully we hadn’t booked any trains so we didn’t have to worry about anything.

First time flying with Swiss and I should say they have a very friendly crew and their great service made time fly. The swiss chocolate and super lovely croissant were and added luxury!

Once we landed we were in no hurry to get out of the airport. We got the Swiss pass and got on a train to Bern. More fun on the train chatting away, munching on food and enjoying our lovely view through the window.

Once we reached Bern, we went straight to the hotel and after checking in got ready quickly and were ready to get out. But the decision had to be taken on what to do and where to go. Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be bad. We didn’t want to go to Jungfrau in the cold rain and snow.

We decided to take the train to Interlaken and see till where we could get.

We managed to go all the way up to Grindelwald. But could not go beyond as it was late. We wandered around the place, took photos and even saw the sports complex where we spent half a day fifteen years ago.

Finally, we got on a train and headed back to Interlaken to take a connecting train back to Bern. All my plans to just fall asleep on the trains were gone out of the window

I fall in love over and over again with the beautiful blue-green waters of the lakes and rivers. Just sitting on a bench by the lake with a book would be bliss. The snow covered peaks, even in summer, the Green slopes dotted by chalets, the rocky mountains streaked by waterfalls, the huge evergreen trees, the old church buildings in the small towns…well what else would one need to enjoy?

DSC_0016_7 DSC_0062_3 DSC_0064_3 DSC_0071_3

Would love to be on a parachute over this land some day. What a beautiful experience it would be!

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