Travelling in Europe – Swiss Day 2

Nothing like a good night’s sleep to refresh you. But I was still tired after a very disturbed sleep. I was hoping that the breakfast spread would be good enough to wake me up. And it did. After ages, I was happy with the breakfast I saw in the hotel.

I was so greedy that I had enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day, or the next two days even. And because of the amount of food that went in, I was ready to hit the bed right away. But the rest of the crowd had plans.

For a day with such lovely cold and rainy weather, there was no point in dressing up well and getting out. It is an ideal day to stay in pyjamas, but there is no point in coming all the way to Swiss to stay in bed with a book. Sigh. So got out in the rain to head towards Geneva.

DSC01243 DSC01238

The train was so warm and cosy that everyone just wanted to stay in. Though I kept telling that I wanted to sleep, I was like a child that didn’t want to sleep just in case it missed something.

It is still the same green grass, the same cattle, the same beautiful streams and rivers gurgling in the huge gorges, huge trees lining the banks,  the same lovely houses, but it is something that I wouldn’t want to miss seeing. It is not something that one gets to see every day anyway.

We had a plan to get off Lausanne and take the boat. But the rain outside and the warmth inside made people change their plans. So we headed on to Geneva.

Got off the train at Geneva and walked out and took the first tram that we came across. We got off at the natural history museum. Didn’t see much because the kids were starving.

Unfortunately, most places around were closed and we finally ended up taking the bus back to the station to find something to eat. As usual McDonald’s came to the rescue.

Ate some food and took the next train to Lausanne. Luckily there was a boat ready to leave to Evian across the border in France. It took us thirty-five minutes one way on Lake leman. I didn’t get off the boat. Too cold to even think of moving from where I was.

When we got off the boat in Lausanne the kids ran around a bit and we took the metro back to the train station to head back to Bern.

DSC_0033_5 DSC_0038_5 DSC_0047_4 DSC_0068_4 DSC_0072_3

The journey back was generally quiet and we were enjoying the scenery. It was still not dark when we reached Bern. When we stepped out of the train the cold hit us. It was only 4 deg C outside and I was in a thin jacket and I nearly froze.

We just about managed to buy some food for the night and take the tram back to the hotel.

Now all cuddled up in bed, looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast.

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