Travelling in Europe – Swiss Day 3

The last full day of my Swiss trip. I don’t know why, but I feel my heart belongs here. Last time too I did not want to go back. There is something about this place that makes me want to live here. Maybe some kind of past life connection!

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The day starts with a heavy breakfast as usual. I could get used to this now! Sleep well and eat well and I could be happy! The weather has cleared up today and we haven’t seen much of Bern, so we decide to walk around the streets of Bern. Tonight will be in Zurich and tomorrow we are flying out early so there won’t be much time to do anything. We have to plan in such a way that we get to see a bit of Zurich too tonight!

We roam around the streets of Bern, enjoying the sights and sounds and the Saturday market, the Cathedral, the bell tower and were there on time to see it ring too. The window shopping was good fun, what an expensive place! Even a fridge magnet costs no less than 7 Euros. I can get one for a Euro in Florence! I saw a beautiful dress which was priced at 350 Euros, yes 350 Euros! We went shopping for cuckoo clocks and in the end we bought none!

After we had enough of it, went back to the hotel to check out, and take the train to Zurich. The original plan was modified, originally the plan was to take a train to Lucerne, do some sightseeing there and then head to Zurich, but we decided to head to Zurich directly.

Reached Zurich and headed to the hotel directly, dumped our luggage, freshened up and met a friend who lives in Zurich with his family. It was lovely to see him after ages. He was also my music teacher and so it was extra special for us!

After they left, we took the train and then tram to go on a tour of the city. We ended up going to the lake and sitting there and enjoying the scenery! It was beautiful. If there was a boat around that time we would have taken one for a tour but unfortunately even after waiting for a while there was nothing to be seen, so gave up on that idea and headed back to the hotel.


On the way, grabbed some food at BK and we were back in the hotel. Packed and all set to leave tomorrow early morning!

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