Travelling in Europe – Swiss Day 4


Technically, this post should not even be there. We did nothing in Switzerland on day 4. But my heart refuses to leave this place. Hence the post for day 4.

We wake up in the morning and get ready. After all our shower and packing we head sullenly down to the reception. No breakfast today! Though I can get the smell of lovely food wafting into the reception and I am tempted to walk in the direction of the restaurant, I am dragged to the coach so that I can get to the airport on time.

Our recent trips have been great with us flying into domestic terminals all over the place. No queues and also the fact that we are able to print our boarding passes and go straight through to security is an added advantage! Today too we walk straight through and realise they are ready to board.

Abhi is disappointed we are flying the same RJ100 again. Small and cosy aircraft. The journey is fine, the kids are happy with the puzzles that they got and we are happy with the croissants we get! A full flight but the journey is calm and smooth.

Hate to be back in Florence, but this home and this is where we have to be.

No more journeys in the next while. But I am looking forward to planning something small in the next few months may be!

Goodbye to travel till then!

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