Common Sense…


Common sense.. What exactly is it? It is supposed to be sound judgement when it comes to common matters.

Been married for so long and one of the things I dislike about my  husband is the use of the word “Common sense”. Generally if I don’t do things his way, for him it is as good as me not having common sense. Any amount of me telling him that what he thinks as common sense is actually something else did not work for me. For him he was the perfect person who had common sense and the rest of us were dumb, specially the children and myself! After the first few months of trying to explain to him, I just gave up and I would walk away with a sigh whenever he mentions common sense and the lack of it in us!

This morning my son walks in to me and says “appa doesn’t have common sense amma”. I look at him and then my husband without saying anything at all. My son continues “I keep telling him I am full. He doesn’t listen to me and is forcing me to eat just one more spoon. Why does he treat me as though I am not a human being? I am as much a human being as him, I know my body and I know it better than him. When I say I am full, I am really full. And he doesn’t have enough common sense to listen to me and stop when I say stop.”

I looked up and smiled. Now here is my husband getting a dose of his own medicine. I did not say a word, it is a battle between the father and son and let them fight it out. Hopefully people will come out more empathatic towards each other at the end of it all.

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