Good Morning! :)


A simple good morning post and how different people look at it!

A friend’s mother, like a mother to me, sends me good morning wishes on facebook every single morning! I look at it like this…

* It is nice to start the day with someone’s wishes and blessings

* We live in different time zones and in spite of me waking up later than her, she never waits for me to wish her. Her wishes reach me before I even get out of bed! The fact that she is older doesn’t seem to matter, there is no ego in that!

* When I wish it is always just words when she wishes it is with pictures and nice words that cheer me up every day!

* Starting a day with positive thoughts is one of the best things someone can do!

Now people have started noticing this… This has been going for more than six months regularly. Two different people came up with completely differing views on it.

One person came and said, that is sad that someone does this every morning, do they not have anything else to do?

And then there was this other person who wanted to make friends with her so that there will be a positive start to her day too!

A simple “Good morning” Wish and each one of us have a completely different opinion on it!

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