Deliciously uncivilized!


A little bit of background! In our part of the world, the father’s birthplace is where the children will be associated with, and that becomes our native place.  My dad was born in a village in Tirunelveli. When I say village, I mean  a real tiny little village where there was no bus service till I was a little grown up. I remember the horse cart guys refusing to go to the place. One of our grandfathers had a bullock card and we would use that to come to town. Some had a cycyle too and that would be used as well.

The village has a school (unfortunately will be closed this academic year as they don’t have enough students) and had a post office which got closed down last year!

My mother is from a place where there are umpteen buses an hour, a train station, a few schools and the place has river Tamiraparani on one side and a canal on the other side. Whenever we would go to our mother’s place on holidays we would be teased as the ones that came from a village which was “pattikaadu” as in uncivilized! I would cry whenever people said that. I don’t know what cheap thrills people got when they teased others! My parents used to tell me that it was fine and let people say whatever they wanted.

Today things have changed. No, my village has not changed, it is still the same quiet place. But we have learnt to love it! When I go to my mother’s place I feel no attachment to it. The place looks like a concrete jungle to me. My father’s village on the other hand still is clean, quiet and unpolluted. Who will not love to go for n evening walk to the farm and watch peacocks flying past and rabbits running around you?

With all the social networking, we have our own facebook groups and WhatsApp groups. Out of the many WhatsApp groups that I have I feel very special about the group with cousins from my father’s village! Reason? Well, the group has engineers, doctors, accountants, chefs and homemakers living all over the world and we discuss books, economy, social conditions, blood donations, food and anything that come  our way in the most civilized way possible without attacking each other. We all agree to disagree and move on when we come across something which we do not agree with. It is very interesting how we can talk about sharing books and copyright violations at the same time, and also share our views on both without a fight and no one getting into a strop about it! All this doesn’t mean that we are very serious about life. We have our own bit of fun teasing each other too!

I look at all those people that called me and my village uncivilized and smile gently! Come, sit with us for a discussion, and enjoy being “deliciously uncivilized”!


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