The wonderful world of homeschooling – Egyptology!


I don’t even remember how the discussion came to it, but we were talking about something and then all of a sudden we were talking about today’s technology when I went “But I think we have lost the best of the technology somewhere in between and we are only getting things back again now. Look at Egypt or what India had thousands of years ago. Can we replicate even half of it?”

So we ended up talking about Egypt and Pyramids and in the process ended up watching videos on the secrets of Pyramids. I should say I learnt a lot. Things that I had not known when I visited Egypt 8 years ago, I am learning now! There is so much more to learn. I am learning with my kids every day and want this to continue! 🙂

There was a lot more discussed today than just Egypt. We spoke about people and anger and feelings and how to be happy! And how to ignore other people’s anger and not ignore the people. A happy day in general!

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2 Responses to The wonderful world of homeschooling – Egyptology!

  1. Great lesson to be learned!


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