The fear of surprises!


We all have different fears and some of us learn to handle it. I have a fear of heights, yes, actually I do. I know it is difficult for people that know me to believe this. But it is true. I stand on top of the tower, ready to bungee jump and I have the knot in the stomach. I keep telling myself it is ok. I am fine and maximum that can happen to me is death! I try to jump, but I cannot. Finally after a couple of attempts, I ask the guy there to push me from behind…. The fear in me didn’t stop me from enjoying the experience, I overcame that fear for that moment.

But while fears like this seem normal, I have a funny, strange fear too. I have a fear of surprises. On searching the net, even google could not come up with a name for that fear! I am not comfortable when someone calls me and says they want to talk to me about something later! It doesn’t matter where it comes from or who says it, I just start feeling uncomfortable and I just can’t wait to hear what they have to say. It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad, but the feeling remains till everything has been said!

Like the other day Sylvia at the pool said “Hey, after your kids have changed and gotten in come and see me!” . I know I have done nothing wrong. I know there is nothing to fear, yet till she told me it was just to check if the fees has been paid for the full course my mind was all over the place. It has always been the same, over the years nothing has changed. Not sure where this fear came from or how to get rid of it!

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