What should you teach your child?


Of late I see a lot of posts on social media about children that are in the age that can talk clearly who are not taught anything about themselves. Most children can vaguely say their names and parent’s names and nothing much more than that.

In a day and age when kids go to school at age two in India. it is really important for children to know their name, age, parent’s name, address (including the city they live in) and phone number. This is the bare minimum that one has to teach their children when they start to talk.

I see parents teach their child to sing, sometimes really bad songs too, songs that  children should not be singing. Parents are proud of that. But what they should be really teaching is this.

If every parent taught this bare minimum information half the problem would be solved. Many times the post in the social network says the child knows his or her name and a pet name for the parents but does not know any other details.

Once the child reaches an age where the child can talk, teach them the above information, teach them good touch bad touch and teach them to go to a safe place or talk to a safe person if they are lost.

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