Who am I to judge?


I have to bite my tongue real hard to keep my mouth shut and not advice any parent or judge them for what they do.

I thought I was good at no judging people. But I guess I am wrong. I also notice, I do not judge strangers, it is only people in the family that do things that I don’t agree with I seem to have a problem. Or at least had a problem with.

Now I have learnt to step back and not “notice” anything. I have my life and my children to look after. I am not a perfect mom. So why should I even judge others? Each parent does what they know best and what they think is best for their child. Did I not start solids early for Abhi? I feel guilty about it till now, eight years later. I did a lot of mistakes and I am sure I will do a lot of mistakes in the future too. I am learning and so are everyone else. We all do what is best with the knowledge that we are equipped with at that point of time.

I am glad I realised what I was doing and I step back. Thankfully I never opened my mouth and said anything to anyone so I did not hurt anybody’s feeling. But I should not have even thought what I thought. I apologise to people for judging them for whatever it is.

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