Hitting children – is it child abuse?


On one of the forums that I am in on fb, a mother had asked about hitting a child, a young child of 14-16 months, while most of us said no, some of them went, yes, we got hit as a child but we grew up fine, we still love our parents, a friendly “pat” now and then does no harm to a child.

This is my response to them…

 I have a couple of questions to ask you parents who think hitting is your way of correcting your child. Have you never made a mistake? If your child had the ability to slap you and did slap you because you left the nappy on for an extra while and they got rashes, or you did not feed them on time when they were hungry … you get the situations, it is a mistake and they have every right to correct you, so if they hit you will you be happy? The same way is it only your child who is doing something wrong? What about your boss, your mil, your parents, the man on the street who is spitting? Will you go and slap them to correct them? No.. you won’t! The reason is that they are stronger than you or older than you or if you hit them it will affect your life! You hit your child not to correct them but to show that you are more powerful than them. You do it because you can get away with it. The next time you raise your hand to hit your child ask yourself one question…. ” Have I never done a mistake which warrants hitting – Will I be happy if someone hits me for it?”

To the mothers who said a pat here and there or a friendly beating is ok! No, it is not. That is all I wanted to say. Also I was trying to get people to stop hitting by thinking that extra bit, so you don’t even do it one more time! I am a mother of 6 & 8-year-olds and I can tell you that it only gets tougher as they grow up. They ask you a million different questions, they do a million different things that you might not like. I If one cannot handle a toddler who has absolutely no control of what they are doing, imagine handling older kids…… Remind yourself each time you “pat” your cute little kid, not to do it ever again!

And YES, hitting children is child abuse. Never think of justifying it saying it is not!

PS: I am not perfect, I loose my patience and I am learning to control too, but I do not justify what I am doing. I know if I shout at my children, it is my mistake not theirs. They are just being normal children. It is me that can’t handle them.

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2 Responses to Hitting children – is it child abuse?

  1. I totally agree with you. I loved the way you explained.

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