Happy Birthday Sweetie!



Happy Birthday, Abhinav!


You are my first born

You turned me into a mother!
You were always my ‘Best Boy”
And will always be!
I love you for what you are,
And I love the way you love me for what I am!
I love our hugs and cuddles and kisses
And I wish I could give you more of me each passing day!
There are days when you drive me mad
There are days when I drive you mad…
And then we cuddle up and talk …
I would do anything just for that time we spend together.
You never cease to amaze me
Whether it is your knowledge on planes or the way you make music,
Or the way you want to help everyone,
Or the way you wipe away my tears when I am upset!
Love the way you are a “fighter”
We have seen the worst together
I’ve learnt a lot from you on not giving up.
Let’s celebrate our lives together!
Happy birthday Abhinav…


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