The discussion on race!


A “friend” a few days ago started a discussion on our group. She posted a question and then vanished! We all honestly answered what we felt. It was a sensitive topic, about if we think Hinduism will last for ever. While a few of us wrote what we felt, some of them gave a honest reply that it was way too serious a topic and they wouldn’t touch this topic even with an end of the stick till they had a few pints!

Then she came up with a question about why Hinduism was a self hating race! This triggered further discussion but  because she did not reply on anything but kept asking questions and vanishing we started discussing other topics. Then she came back and asked about Islam. Now this made me go really mad, because I think of people as humans, beyond religion. Today she came and posted saying she was not on about religion but about race and she thinks Islam as a race is taking over the world and where ever they are a majority things are horrendous! I could take it no more! That was it,… by now everyone else had even stopped talking. I could have refused to take the bait but I was not ready to let it go. I had to tell her to stop. Such people are the ones that spread animosity! Doesn’t matter what race they belong to!

I wrote a long reply… here are few points from what I wrote to her…

  • Why are we worried about a race? Why are we not worried about human beings in general? In fact open up our mind and be worried about all living things too. 50 years from now, my grand child will only see “our national animal” the tiger in books and videos. What have we as people or the government done to save the tiger? Because it is not human does it mean we don’t have to worry about it?
  • What about trees and forests? How many forests will remain say 100 years from now? Can we breathe “race”, can we drink “community”? No…. We need our forests and trees and sources of clean drinking water. Instead of worrying about a particular race being wiped off, start worrying about “human” race, “living” race…. My kind request, think beyond borders!
  •  Yes, do the analysis, get the statistics. Instead of worrying why a race is being wiped out, find out which is the happiest race in the world, which is the happiest country, find out why they are that way and see what you can do to your race/country/religion to make it happy! Happy people = no problem people! A person who is happy with their religion will not convert. A person who is happy at home will not create problems outside. And by the way happiness is hard work, not just sitting and analyzing data!
  • Muslims or not, where there are unhappy people there are problems! Let’s face it! You think there is no Muslim population in the top ten happy countries in the world?  Why do you think they are not creating problems there? Because they are all educated or at least most of them are. They all have jobs. They are happy to be doing whatever they are doing. When they are contended they will not go and destroy somebody else’s happiness.
  • I never said we should be selfish. I am actually saying the opposite.. be generous. Help people get educated, help people find jobs that they can do to feed themselves. Educated + working people are happy people! And there will be less problems. Instead of talking/writing so much if we can go out and support one person and bring them to a level where they can support themselves, we have achieved our dream! Go plant a tree, find a water source that people can use, get into organic farming… Sitting in the A/C room, worrying about what to cook for dinner and typing out a mail is the easiest thing ever. Go out there! volunteer for different charities, help random people on the street and see the difference!
  • The idea behind education and travelling is not to close our mind but to open it up and learn as we go along.

All I have to say is “Be the change that you want to see! :)”

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4 Responses to The discussion on race!

  1. Please stop trying to live in a happy clappy dreamworld where all religions are equal and nice. I invite you to wake up and study Islam as it is – a supremacist death cult. You might like to start with Dr Bill Warner’s presentation ‘Why we are afraid’ on YouTube then consider some facts from sites like Jihad Watch and Bare Naked Islam.


    • Shyami says:

      Not one Muslim friend of mine has told me what I should do with my life. Not the common-man Muslims that I have worked with, met with, had dinner with, made friends with have told me what religious belief I should have. And here is someone telling me what to do. I am entitled to my beliefs and you are entitled to yours! You choose to watch sites like Jihad watch and I choose to watch sites like . I look at everyone as human beings with a heart. You look at it differently. Let us agree to disagree and move on! Thanks for your comment!


  2. Shyami, a) I fully agree that there are some lovely Muslims. b) If you don’t like people having different opinions from your own then the blogosphere is the wrong place for you.


    • Shyami says:

      I never said I don’t like people having different opinions! If that is what I thought I wouldn’t have published your comment, it would have been easy to delete it! 🙂 I appreciate people thinking differently. You said something and I replied to it that is all, what is there for me to like or not like people having different opinions from me? I even said let us agree to disagree on our thoughts and move on, which means I respect your opinion and I expect you to respect mine and let us move on instead of arguing! Thanks!


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