Now and then


Nearly 25+ years ago, something similar happened. One fine morning I woke up to find that my parents were not at home, our new home, we had just moved into the house, a couple of days ago. The door was locked from outside. I managed to get the attention of the watchman next door, who alerted the house owner downstairs who came and helped me with the door.

I was told that in the middle of the night, my father was unwell and my parents decided to go to a hospital nearby without disturbing the kids. I rushed into the bathroom, brushed, freshened up, got ready and left to the hospital only to find out that my father had a heart attack. He was just kept there with drips going in and that was it. It was supposed to be his first day at work. I had taken change of clothes and toothbrush for my father.

I rushed back home, sent my brother to school as it was his first day in new school, and informed my relatives and also my father’s boss. It was not the days of internet, emails and mobile phones. But things moved quickly, my father was moved to a bigger better hospital straight away and immediate care was given. His life was saved and I could leave to my college in peace in a couple of days knowing that he was in safe hands.

Even fifteen years ago, we were all in a bad accident and I took over straight away. From talking to my father’s office to getting payments sorted while he was still in ICU.

Now my husband is sick. He went and got admitted in the hospital himself as with the kids I could not have gone with him leaving the kids. He is in ICU, just like my father was all those years ago.

Yesterday I was in a similar situation like before, informing people and I goofed up. Sent emails to the “wrong people”, etc.

Somehow dad’s little princess was always perfect, but not the “me” that is now! And then it struck me…. it is not me, it is the other person. It is much more than that!

I always knew who my dad’s boss was. If I answered the phone and I knew who was at the other end, I would always say a quick “hello” and ask them how they were. The work culture was different, there would be family parties and I knew all of my dad’s colleagues. Also dad would bring people home, so they were more than workmates.

Now I’ve lived in Italy for 1.5 years and all I knew was one guy. There are other people, even Indians working here, but he hasn’t brought anyone home.

With mobile phones these days, I do not answer his phone so I do not know who is calling.

With all this, if I have made an effort to do some work and have still managed to get things done, maybe the roundabout way, I think my work needs to be appreciated and not put down!

I refuse to let myself feel bad about the whole issue! I did my  best and things have moved in the positive direction. I’ve made some new friends along the way and I am happy! What more can I ask for?

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