So long and thanks for all the help!


I always hear about how bad the government employees are and how (insert name of people from any country here) are not helpful at all, etc. I have to share my good experience here.

Husband has been in the hospital for ten days now. The first few days went away in a haze and then reality struck. I had to sort out insurance as we did not have a medical card here. Of course, for some reason we had not applied for it. Went to the right place in the hospital to ask for information about all this. The guys at the desk were so patient and they explained everything and told me to get a medical card sorted so I didn’t have to worry about anything. They gave me the address, timing and even the bus number. Also, they added a comment to show their sympathy “I am not sure how you are managing to do everything with the kids alone, but please go and get this done!”

Of course, next morning we were off to this office. After waiting in the queue I was told that I was in the wrong place and had to go to a different office which was closer to home. The lady was nice enough to write down the address for me again.

This time, this morning we reached the right place. Queues again, but a patient wait is all we could do. It was our turn and I knew it would not be an easy thing to sort out. Our citizenship was different to the country that we got the job offer from which is different to the country that we were living now! It did take a lot of time, but they did their best. Four different people came and went and one person made it her job to sit down and sort it out. She made a lot of calls and finally told me to email the required documents the next morning and would call me once they had verified everything. It was way past their lunch time and their offices were empty. They were sitting with us to sort our problems out instead of asking us to get out and come back later.

I always hear only bad things about government staff. Here is a perfect example of how they are people with hearts too and try and help as much as possible….

Thanks to the staff at ASL office in Viale Morgagni! 🙂 Such wonderful people you are.

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