Don’t be a pain!


Over the years, I’ve done my share of hospital duties. From the time I was twelve or so, I would have spent a lot of time taking care of people in the hospitals. Right from my grandfather to my son who was four when he was sick, I’ve seen many.. old and young, men and women.

Now it is time for me again to be in the hospital but this time around I am noticing a lot of things that I have never seen before.

Never before have I seen this. Never before have I seen people who are in pain be a pain to others. People in hospitals have always been gentle to their caregivers even when they are in an unbearable amount of pain. I’ve seen my son with that many needles poked and yet all he wanted to do was to cuddle up in my arms and not fight with me for anything. My grandmother with all her illnesses still was nice to me, actually it was me that used to harass her day in and day out to get her to walk and do her exercises.

I know when someone is sick and have needles poking into them everywhere, it is not an easy thing. They are in physical pain, they are in mental agony too, worrying about what is happening to them and the family. The financial stress, the emotional stress, the physical stress and everything put together makes them lose their sleep even though they are supposed to rest well.

But they are not the only ones in pain. Maybe the caregiver and the rest of family is not in as much physical pain as the patient, but the family is going through a tough time too. They have the same emotional stress of the patient, if not more. They worry about the financial aspect too. This is to the added physical stress of having to drop everything that they were doing and rush to the hospital and spend time with the patient. Sometimes it also means taking care of home, other dependants in the family and the added jobs of doing little things that the patient used to do, but he/she cannot do because they are in hospital and also taking care of the patient themselves.

By shouting and getting angry, is anything achieved? None at all. Actually it only makes things worse for the caregiver. The next time around, they might not even want to take the role of the caregiver.

My kind request to people who fall sick, be gentle and kind and do not be a pain to the others even though we all know that you are in pain.

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