And this my friends is how rumour spreads! ta da….


This morning my darling daughter woke me up at 4 am saying the bed was wet. I thought that somehow the water bottle in the bedside table must have toppled over onto the bed and the cap must have been loose. I switched on the light and checked the whole bed only to realise she had gone back to sleep again and somewhere in her dreams she was sleeping in a wet bed! Sigh… I couldn’t go back to sleep again for some reason even though I was way too tired.  I switched on the phone and of course when I came online Whatsapp messages started pouring in. One from my brother asking if I was awake. He was at my cousin’s place and said they wanted to talk to me!

So I call them up and I talk to them, the couple, and I talk to her and she asks me a whole lot of questions about how it happened and what the doctors say and when it started, etc, all in a somber voice. This was all done in less than thirty seconds. I answer everything and then she says “So your poor husband has been taking care of you and the children all this time”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. So she heard the story from my brother, half listening and decided that I was sick! It is my husband that has been in the hospital now for three weeks. If she hadn’t mentioned that to me I wouldn’t have realised she was asking about me and the news would have spread that I was sick and in the hospital!

I’ve always wondered how people spread rumours. I am basically an introvert (well it is very hard to believe I know)… But I talk a lot, a lot of pure nonsense to hide everything about me. As a result, people pick up what they want from what I say and spread it around!

Though I had suspicions about what was happening, I found out only recently that my suspicions were true. Twenty years ago, there were stories told about me, stories that I did not even know about, to people that I had not even met. A few months ago I was talking to someone with whom I had gotten close over the years I was joking about something when this person mentioned, “Oh you know what? I heard this about you when you were in college” And I went “Really?” I know what this person said was the truth as there was no other way they would have known this or second guessed this. Somebody must have told them and I can even guess who the news would have spread through!

I feel sorry for these people, yes, that is exactly what I feel… SORRY! They had such poor lives that they had to survive on spreading rumours about others! I am glad for once that my life is rich, so rich with books, music, food, people, travel and imagination that I have no time for rumours and gossip!

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