Hospitals… I’ve had my fair share of spending time in them. Not as a patient, though. The only two times I have actually stayed overnight in the hospital were when I delivered my babies. I’ve spent a lot of time taking care of people in my family.

Now, my children are shuttling between home and hospital every day for the past three weeks and in the past week I see them a lot clingy and not ready to come to the hospital. As I was wondering why, a few things struck me.

In the past three weeks, I have not seen a single child in the hospital who had come to visit someone. Of Course I know children are not allowed in hospital in this part of the world unlike in India. Children have a very weak immune system and they will only pick up germs from the hospital environment. I remember my GP asking me not to come to the clinic if it is not an emergency to avoid the kids falling sick further from all the germs in the clinic.

But that is only one part of the story. I realised how much negative energies hospitals might have. Going to a hospital regularly for visiting someone or staying in a hospital for treatment according to me is a life skill. It is not that easy thing to handle. Hospital buildings according to me are characterless, with white walls, white beds and white everything with uniformed people in green or blue walking about talking amongst themselves mostly. Then you get to see people of all ages on IV or tubes hanging around and even for the bravest of the children it could be disturbing if not downright scary!

I am one of those wobbly knees and the only way I managed was making friends. I would smile at anyone and everyone – the cleaner, the lift operator, the receptionist, the ambulance driver, the lab technician, the nurses, the doctors, the patients, the visitors who come to visit the patients, etc – anyone that would care to smile back would be my friend. This was my way of pushing away my fears. My children haven’t been taught that yet. Poor things they are not able to express what they feel. It is a pity that I do not have help here and I have to push them to do something they do not like and are not equipped for.

If you are thinking of taking a child to visit someone in the hospital, then think twice!

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