What strange places you have been to or lived in…


I am sure many of us that travel have found somethings strange in the new places that we go to. OK, well it is not strange per se because that is the way things have been done over there all along and that is what the people there do. But for us that live elsewhere these things might seem strange.

I’ve certainly lived in strange places, but Florence is the strangest yet!

After living in Chennai, Ernakulam was strange with everything closing at 8 pm sharp. How can shops and parks close at 8 pm? Most of the time we go out of home only at 7 pm and by the time we reach the shops they would be ready to close!

Mumbai was strange in its own way, but for me, I love Mumbai so it is like pleasant strange, if you know what I mean!

Hyderabad and Baroda.. well I better not start talking about those places. But I loved Baroda for it’s little things…

Dublin has its own quirks. I’ve lived there long enough to get used to them all, so much so that it doesn’t feel strange anymore.

I’ve been living here in Florence for a year and a half now and it amazes me how in summer everything nearly shuts down. Last year we didn’t do anything much and did not notice anything.

This year has been terrible. I find that most shops are not open and if they are open it is only for a couple of hours in the day! Most people leave for holidays. But imagine services like medical shops, doctor’s clinic and even the cemetery being closed for half a day because it is summer! Yes, you  heard it right, the cemetery closes at 1:00 pm all of August! The medical shop below my home is open only from 10-12 in the morning the entire August! Our English speaking doctor goes off to England for summer! My dry fruit shop guy is closed and so is the Tobacco shop guy where I pay my phone bill. Seriously would love to have a job in a country where the country closes down for an entire month!

What is the strangest place you have been to and what strange things have you seen/heard?

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