I love celebrating festivals of any kind. Any festival where we get good food, spend time with family and have fun is what I look forward to celebrating. It doesn’t matter whether it is Pongal or Deepavali or Christmas or Ramadan!

Rakhi is one such festival. Over the years I have made friends and I have found brothers among friends too! The number of “brothers” have increased and every year I make it a point to send rakhi to every single one of them. This year I missed out on three of them and I feel pretty bad about it. All because I did not get time for an entire month to go out shopping or to the post office 😦

But I also felt bad because the ones that I did manage to send didn’t even get collected because probably that wasn’t on the priority list. On one side a couple of people called me to tell me how important it is for them and how much a rakhi from me means to them … on the other hand I have people who inspite of a few reminders to collect it have not bothered. May be they were busy, may be I am expecting too much. Probably because I had a busy and stressful month and yet found time to go online and order I expect them to get it, but their work might be much more important than collecting my simple rakhi. Who knows.

Then comes the question of “why didn’t you send me a rakhi when you have sent to the others?” “Well, I haven’t sent you one in years and I don’t intend to send you one, get that and move on!” I know it is rude to say that, but brothers are special and I think we should feel it when we send a rakhi and not send it just for the sake of sending it.

Happy Rakhi everyone!

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