Because I said so!


For 41 years of my life I have lived through the “Because I said so” syndrome. I’ve heard this from parents, siblings, teachers, boss and the husband. I have been totally against showing that to my children though and I rarely do that to them. I try and explain why I want them to do something.

But nowadays I see myself taking a somewhat different but similar approach with adults around me and I call it the “Because they said so” syndrome!

I noticed that people tend to go “Oh that is not right”, “This can’t be true”, “Who told you that?”, “Whoever said that is silly”, etc when I say something. So now I go “Oh did you know that? The “WHO/their favourite doctor/a researched  report from a world famous institution/anything or anyone they would believe” said that”. I hate to be doing this but people seem to understand and believe it only when I say this.

I also  notice that these are the same people who go through the “Because I said so” syndrome. Basically anyone who says “Because I said so” believe in what other say only when it is someone they think that has authority! Pity we have come to a stage where we do not believe in each other and we have to get to tricks to help others believe us even in simple things in life!

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