Take care of him!


Since hubby dear has been admitted in hospital more than four weeks ago, I keep getting calls and messages from all over the world as the news spreads. They all say the same thing “Take care of him”

I want to ban that sentence. I want people to stop telling that. Is that a custom? Is that the right thing to say? Don’t you think I as a wife will be taking good care of him already and need your advice?

I realised what big difference a good friend makes when I got a call on Sunday and I realised why I liked to talk to some people in the past few weeks and why I absolutely detested the others!

This friend called me from US, chatted for nearly an hour and it was an hour filled with laughs and if there were any tears it was only from laughing too much. What fun it was… he said “Hey listen, I hope you are taking care of you well, eating well and sleeping well!” Not many people had said that. That is one thing most people forget, if someone is in hospital, the people taking care of him are the ones that need more strength to deal with everything. The person in the hospital is actually been taken care of well by the doctors and nurses. It is the person at home that struggles with all the emotional stress and much more.

Thanks to my friend…. he made me realise why I was avoiding certain calls! And thanks for the hour of happiness. Thanks for his advice to “eat… just eat anything, even junk is ok, and sleep well and take care of yourself! ” We need more empathetic people like him.

Hugs and love to you pal!

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2 Responses to Take care of him!

  1. Megan says:

    Yes, take care of you ❤


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