Yet another facebook chop today! I have started doing this every now and then since the beginning of the year. Today about 30+ people got chopped off from my friend’s list. I’ve learnt to look at my list and go, I don’t need to know about their lives and I don’t want them to know about mine so off they go! People that I had known for years, but not stayed in contact.

When I added them in facebook I would have thought that I would like to know about them, about what they did in the years that I have not been in touch, about renewing their friendship. But I’ve also realised over the years that sometimes I have no time and energy for all these people. I am not a gossip monger and I actually do not want to know about all these people. I happy for whatever the life has given them and wherever their life has taken them. I hope they are all happy with their lives and I want to move on.

I have left most of the family members as it is, but many friends from my past who I haven’t thought about in a long while got chopped. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like them it is just that I have moved on.

I should remind myself to do this exercise once a month. Probably I will just end up with a couple of hundred friends very soon, and it will be just family and very close friends. Maybe I will even deactivate my FB account and leave. That would be a better option! I can see myself doing that very soon too!

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