Clothes… what a woman wears matters! Does it?


Today I was having a personal discussion with someone that matters much to me, a friend who would give their real opinion and I like the way we are very open with each other. The comment that was made today was about women’s clothes and what a woman wears matters.

I’ve always had mixed opinion on this topic. I’ve listed the reasons here…

  • When people use this as an excuse for sexual abuse of any kind I cannot stand it. What about all those little children that get abused? What kind of revealing clothes did they wear to go through all that?
  • I always seem to attract attention. I am not a great beauty, I do not even dress perfectly well. I am actually a clumsy person when it comes to dressing, then why do I attract attention? To be very frank, I used to dress in a clumsy way so as to avoid attention.
  • I do agree when someone looks great our eyes automatically turns to look at them. Yes, it does matter in such cases. But is it about what they wear? Would it not be more about how they look irrespective of what they wear?
  • I think what a person wears does not matter if a person can carry it with confidence. If a person is confident, it shows and that attracts our attention, doesn’t matter what they wear! The same way if a person is not sure about themselves, whatever they wear, it shows! It attracts a different kind of attention. I think it is more the personality of the person that attracts us than the clothes that they wear actually!
  • I have always been a person who never bothered about clothes. I’ve worn anything that has been given to me with love. I’ve never questioned my parent’s choice of buying clothes for me. In fact, I never bought clothes for myself till I moved out of my home. Even now most of the time my mother buys clothes for me. It does not matter whether it suits me or not!
  • I do know that certain clothes make certain people look great! I have a particular picture of me in a saree which does the rounds every few months in my family. The photo has been brought up by my cousins, brother and friends regularly and everyone has always said how great I look in that.
  • I would like to say here that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It depends on what one wants to see and what one sees rather than what the other person is wearing.
  • When this topic comes up I am always reminded of days when I was a really clumsy person, wearing trousers and full sleeved oversized men’s shirts, and I’ve been stopped on the road to ask if I would like to go out for a meal by strangers and it has happened more than once. Believe me, I was stumped! I was going through a rough patch in my life at that time and the last thing I would have wanted was  a date with a stranger! But yes, the clothes that I wore didn’t matter at all!

It is strange as usual that this topic has come up on a day when I was sitting down to write an article about “why women want to expose themselves” for a website that I regularly send articles to!

Would love to know your thoughts if you are reading this!

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