“Today’s his tenth birthday. He’s a very emotional young man. He likes to solve other people’s problems. One time when he was five years old, he came with me to the store and we bought two pounds of fresh apricots. I let him carry the bag home. He walked a little bit behind me the entire way. After awhile, I asked him to hand me an apricot. ‘I can’t,’ he said. ‘I’ve given them all away.’ I knew then that I was raising a humanitarian.”

(Tabriz, Iran)”

The above was from Humans of New York yesterday! I saw this and thought wow. But what I also realised is that I have raised a humanitarian too. I cannot cross a homeless person on the street with my son, without him wanting to give them something. It could be food or money. He would always want to reach out. He specially loves to give something to people that work for their money… people who paint themselves and stand for hours together or people who play music on the streets.

My daughter would be the same too. But my son has always been the one who cannot stand violence in television, even in cartoons. I’ve seen him come running to me even when he is watching Cinderalla because he cannot take to see her suffering. When the world told me that I have to change him, make him hard and strong, I said “let him be”. Today  at eight he is a beautiful person and I am so proud of him. He is emotional and sensitive and a human being with a heart. Wish we could all be like him!

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