The wonderful world of homeschooling – Shopping on a budget!


Yesterday after nearly 4 days I got the children to get out. I had to go shopping for fruits as my fridge was empty! I had a few things to do outside, pay the telephone bill, do the shopping, pay for their swimming lessons which will be starting soon after their summer holidays, etc. We also wanted to buy the lotto because we were in a good mood and oh, we wanted to buy ice cream on our way back!

I just took what I thought was enough money, the bag and I walked out. First stop was the lotto shop. It was way too crowded so we decided to come back later. Only after reaching the post office I realised that I hadn’t brought the bill, it was in the other bag which we had taken with us on our previous outing. We went to the swimming pool next, I realised that we had to pay much more than the usual. Which meant I wouldn’t have enough money for the shopping!

Once we got out of the pool, we walked towards the shop and I told my kids how much money I had. We counted all the notes and coins and we knew exactly how much we had. We kept away six euros for the lotto and the gelato. the rest was to be spent on shopping.

It is amazing how much kids learn. From the minute we walked into the shop, the kids only picked up what was utterly necessary, they also checked the price of each item that we picked and totalled it up and when we walked to the till we knew exactly how much we had to pay. There were no tantrums of I want this and I want that!

The lady in front of us in the queue had the same problem as us, it took her ages as she had taken a few extra things without adding up to see what will be covered by what she had. Result was that she was putting things away and picking and choosing which one was more important to her. The kids were watching that too. They realised what was going on. They felt sorry for her. But they were also happy that they didn’t have to delay anyone because they had the exact amount and even a bit extra just in case, in their hand to pay!

On the way back we got the lotto and had to skip the gelato as the shop wasn’t open just yet.

We also talked about ATMs and how money gets into it.

So a bit of Math, General knowledge and life skills of buying stuff in a budget too was done in our homeschool today!

Of course we came home and did some art, clay work, drawing and reading to add to all this!

What did you do in your school today?

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