Writing about the loves of my life!


I’ve been writing for a while, but somehow I have never touched upon the things that I love in detail.

If you ask me things that I love, without even thinking I would tell you right away – books, music, food, travel and sleep!

The fact that I haven’t written about any of them shows how much I miss all of that now.

Books, of course, I still read and still read a lot. I still try and stick to at least 10 pages a day. Sometimes I am up till the wee hours of the morning still reading some book I started the previous night. There are days when I read more than one book. It doesn’t matter what kind of book it is, I read! There are days when I have cried over mushy Tamil novels and then there are days when I am lost in the world of Science Fiction.

Music – well that is something that I cannot live without. Not a day goes by when I don’t listen to music for at least a few minutes. Again it doesn’t matter what genre, what language – it just has to be music. Anything from Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali to Urdu and Turkish would do! There were days when I would find songs for everything that is said, for every single situation – gone are those days, though! No more dancing in the kitchen .. I would love to get back to the days when music and dancing like I had two left feet were the in thing!

Food – Don’t even get me started on this one! I would love to get back to the days when I was single and working when I would go out and eat what I wanted! I miss my potato and sausage bake with plenty of cheese on top, I miss my mother’s homemade mutton fry with coconut rice, I miss too many things to list here… I am married to a guy who is vegetarian and who thinks it is against his principles to let me cook red meat at home. Hell, he doesn’t even like the veggies I like! A nice brinjal raita would be nice… but no, not one person in my home likes it other than me! My son is allergic to dairy and I have been off dairy for 8 years now! Having fussy eaters at home doesn’t make life easy. Actually I am the only person at home that will eat whatever is served on the plate and I am the one that is struggling and missing all the good food!

Travel – Yes we do travel but it is not like what it was anymore. Traveling when you are single is different from traveling when you are married and have children. Of course there are a lot of travel related posts here probably because that is the only thing I get done sometimes! It is not “pack your bags and leave” anymore. I cannot pick the places that I want to go. I just have to go with the flow and enjoy with the rest of the crowd. Thankfully again, I am not a fussy person, I hardly have any place that I do not like so I am happy to travel anywhere!

Sleep – Well I can never get enough sleep and these days I must be low on iron or something, I am constantly tired and want to sleep. I am not ready to get back to my writing work because I do not have the energy and all I want to do is sleep, sleep and sleep!

There are other things that I love, like planes, cars, star gazing, nature, walks, meeting people and more – well I will write about them some other day!

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