Pushy Vegans!


I am on a forum for Vegans. I am not completely vegan but go from being completely vegan to a meat eater back and forth maybe once in a few months. Most of the time I am a meat eater when I go home to India because my family are meat eaters and maybe once a week they eat meat and I join them, but when I am living on my own if I eat meat it is only leftovers from what I make for my kids, I never cook meat for myself anyway!

The reason for the post is that I find people in this group with very extremist opinion. It is like anyone that is not vegan is not welcome kind of attitude. I hate it when people do that. Yes, veganism is good, but do not push others to do it because you do it.

These are people that are vegans because they want to be kind to animals. Then why are they harsh to humans? Is there any point in being nice to animals and not being nice to their fellow humans? Where does that put them?

When I am a vegan, I am one by choice. I do not do it for the sake of others. When I am a meat eater, again I do it by choice. I don’t think I would want people to tell me what I should eat and what I shouldn’t. Unless they are doctors/nutritionists and I go to them and ask them for advice, I prefer not to be told what to eat and what not to eat. That is because I never ask anyone to eat or not to eat something.

I know I can’t comment there as I will be thrown out. I am actually thinking of getting out of the group anyway! But what I feel like telling them is “Stop being pushing and be considerate of fellow human beings before loving animals”

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