I have touched this subject before. I see things around me and my mind brings back this word again and again. Why is it difficult for the people around us to trust us to do simple things? The distrust manifests itself in many many ways.

A friend was talking about her brother leaving for a different country for further studies. This is not the first time someone is going abroad for studies and this will not be the last time. He is 20+, he applied for his studies, chose which subjects he thought was right for him, applied for the visa and did all the paper work. I trust he knows what he is doing.

On the day he was leaving the family decided to “help” him in his packing. It was funny how she told me and I was imagining exactly what would have happened. From what I gather, the family was dumping things in his luggage and he kept throwing things out systematically! I can imagine the frustration on both sides. Why is it that we trust a 20+ year old to go out and work but we don’t trust them to know what they need?

I see that we as human beings don’t trust anyone around us. We don’t trust our children to know what is needed for their body and to tell us when they are full. We force feed them with things we think is the right thing for them and then overfeed them because we do not trust them when they say they are full.

We don’t trust them when they say they are tired/not tired/sick/hungry/not hungry… the list is endless as they grow up. We don’t trust them to go alone/do their exams well/do something right…. all through their life. It doesn’t matter what age they are and what they have accomplished in life. Then we wonder why they didn’t do it right. What strange creatures are we?

I sometimes even think it is the ego. That we are older and wiser and everyone has to listen to us.

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